Motivation part 1…making fitness changes by keeping track

Ways to keep you motivated.

So many people think weight loss and they automatically think about the scale.  Yes it is one way to measure…but a more effective way is to measure yourself.  Take a tape measure and Chest, Waist ( for consistency measure at indentation in your waist or at your belly button), Hips, Thighs, Calf you can also do the Arms.  Note both arms and both legs don’t necessarily measure the same!!! Now record all of these at the back of your fitness journal with the date. By starting a journal…you have another way of keeping tract of your progress.

What is a fitness journal?  A little book that you carry around with you and write your workout, nutritional intake, water consumption…everything!!!

…ie output  30 min elliptical 450cal, 2300rmp;  abs & stretch;

If you are doing weights indicate a class and how long or your routine  Chest 10 reps 20lbs, 2 sets…ect

as well as intake how many glasses of water ( I put circles at the top of page for each cup);

and your daily consumption ie

8:30 am English muffin w pb and 4 dates, cup a green tea

10:30 1/6 pomelo, 8 raw almonds

1pm peach mango Protein shake

2:pm  Breakfast bar

4pm  Whole wheat wrap with veggies and hummus

6:30pm med serving of Spicy Quinoa and shrimp,

9:30pm toasted almonds and green tea

(when thinking about portion size Sm fits in your palm, Med fits in your hand, Lg fit when both hands are put together).

It is about keeping you honest to yourself…so if you had a few cookies and didn’t want to write them in your book your only cheating yourself.  With my clients I have them start a journal some are better at it than others…but it does make a difference…allowing me to take a look to see if there are imbalances, make sure to keep tract of the time as you do not want to go longer than 3 hrs with out food.  Best of luck with the journal whether you are giving it to a personal trainer or working on your own it will make a difference!

Giselle Bergeron

You can contact me at or call 613-596-3183


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