Giselle  (Ellefitness) has been my personal trainer for almost 2 years. When I arrived on her doorstep, I had 10 very  stubborn pounds to lose and was in sad need of getting some tone back in my arms and stomach areas. I embarked on a 6-month intensive program with her and she helped me achieve all my goals. Giselle is extremely professional, has a deep knowledge of  human physiology,  knows how to fine-tune a program to achieve optimal results and how to avoid injuries…plus her cheerful disposition makes working out with  her fun! I would highly recommend her training services to anyone at  any level of fitness.

Diane Stukel“I hired Giselle to kick my butt, and she did; she helped me get into the best shape of my life. She motivated me along the way, always wanting me to push myself to the next level. She knows a lot about personal fitness, healthy foods and in general about living a healthy lifestyle. I had a lot of fun training with Giselle, and got great results. The only reason I’m not with Giselle anymore is because I moved to Toronto. I would have packed her away with me if I could have =)” November 26, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , High Integrity

Kate Livesey


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