My journey into Arbonne

I needed a new face system….and as you know I am always looking for healthier more natural products.  I had tried Arbonne R9 Anti Aging in the past a fitness friend had given me a sample and it was good but I wasn’t done with the products that I was using so I left it at that…until more recently a Zumba participant offered a silent auction item for the 2013 BFF Breast cancer action fundraiser.  And while she was here she drop off a gold bag…filled with the R9 anti aging skin care products for the daily regime the same quantity that you would receive that would last 6-8 months…wow.  So I gave it a try.

R9 Anti Advanced set is an anti-aging comprehensive skin care regimen for a youthful appearance coming with 6 products Smoothing facial cleanser, Regenerating Toner, Intensive renewal serum, corrective eye creme, a daytime moisturizer with SPF 20 and a night repair creme.

Claims within 24 hours firmer skin…I have noticed my skin smoother and had better tone.

Claims within 4 weeks many have noticed a reduction in appearance of wrinkles and fine lines; refinement in skin texture and smoothness and improvement of skin moisturization.  I have been using R9 for about 3 weeks and have already noticed a decrease in fine lines.  I have noticed a reduction in fine lines and definitely my skin is my smoother, pores seem smaller and loving how my face feels.

For a very long time I have been after my husband Bruce to take better care of his skin so I though I could put the products on his face and give hime a relaxing facial massage.  It is a win win…he has noticed within a couple of days his eyes are less puffy and his skin is feeling smoother.  I have also noticed his face is smoother and as a bonus he is sleeping better after the massage.

I was so impressed with the products that I decided this was something I could share with those around me….I am now an Arbonne Consultant….yeah!!! So this weekend I took the R9 system on our camping trip and put the products on my sister in-laws, mother in law and gave them a facial massage.  IT was definitely a positive response and hope they will soon put their comments on their first experience with Arbonne R9.  I have decided I am going to work my way through the various products and weekly give them a personal review.  Stay tuned!!!

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



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