Exercise through the holidays to help you manage the social commitments, stress and your energy

It’s the most magical time of the year…I know what you are all thinking “it will be a miracle if I get everything done on my to do list…that will be the magic”.  The first thing people tend to let slide when they get busy is their exercise…naughty naughty  and yet that is the first thing you need.   Here are a few tips to help manage

This is a time of the year where

  • your social commitments are on the rise creating all kinds of opportunity for indulging on rich tasty calorie filled treats and extra social drinks

  1. Never go on an empty stomach as you will find yourself overindulging and regretting it the next day

  2. Alternate between drinks a tall glass of water also will keep you well hydrated

  3. Don’t over commit yourself…if you really can’t afford to spend the whole evening go make a short visit say hello to the host and those that are there and get to the other things on your list.

  4. Check weekly calendar to confirm exercise and if it’s in conflict reschedule it immediately  it will help you keep these little indulgences from  hijacking the great results you have accomplished this fall

  • stress is elevated with all the extra things you have to accomplish  over and above all the other things in your weekly life

  1. When stress rises we don’t accomplish near what we could have if we were more relaxed…so take a break go for a 20 min run/walk accomplishing more than just managing your stress levels you are getting much need change of pace and exercise

  2. learn to say NO when requested to do something that isn’t crucial and you really don’t have time in your schedule to accomplish

  3. Keep a balance to your day making sure you are eating healthy food, staying hydrated, getting activity

  • your tired mentally, emotionally and physically

  1. get your exercise in….there is one sure way to slow down the metabolism and that is to stop moving, it will not only help you manage your energy but will assist in clearing your head and the brief change of pace while you give your mind a little break too

  2. know your limits…quit trying to do the impossible so you like to get 3 Zumba and 2 TMC classes in every week change one to a power walk/run at lunch…no its not as much as you would usually do but it is what you can do and still manage your schedule

  3. avoid if possible sugary foods(candies baked goods), fried foods, processed/white foods, caffeine and alcohol that will slow you down  mentally, sometimes  giving you sugar or caffeine high and lows, these will just slow you down\

  4. migrate towards nutritionally dense foods like whole grains, water (8-12 glasses/day), legumes, fruits & vegetable(a whole rainbow of  colors)  and seeds & nuts.  Making sure to keep snacks readily available (in your bag or a tin of nuts on the desk with a bowl of fruit) Plan your week will make keep you better prepared and planning the things you need to accomplish while keeping it manageable.

So I got it your busy, stressed and tired so why would you stop doing the one thing that would increase your energy, decrease your stress and help you manage your weight???  So organize yourself, be flexible if changes have to be made but also know when to say NO!

Make sure to plan your exercise in so that it isn’t skipped…you will be happier, healthier and fitter.  Enjoy the holidays and I look forward to starting again in the NEW YEAR!!!

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold




~ by ellefitness on December 12, 2011.

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  1. Great blog Gisele!

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