Power balls

Power balls (no bake recipe)

¾ c diced apricots

¾ c pitted dates

½ c sunflower seeds

½ c pumpkin seeds

¼ c flax seeds

4 plain brown rice cakes

½ c rolled oats

1 c agave nectar

½ c almond butter

½ c sesame seeds

  • Set aside sesame seeds
  • Mix all dry ingredients in food processor then add in all wet ingredients and mix together
  • Form balls
  • Then roll through sesame seeds
  • Make sure all nuts are raw (unsalted, no added oils etc)
  • You can also swap out the dried fruits and nuts with other nuts to make your own creation – we have used blueberries and a mixture of other nuts – they all work well
  • Makes 24 balls
  • Put in fridge to set

NOTE This can be a challenge on your food processor recommend do the nuts and seeds first and then the dried fruit, agave and almond butter


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