Masala Bhangra Workout ®

Over four years ago…at a fitness convention I was exposed to  Masala Bhangra workout® and fell in love with this East Indian dance based fitness workout.  And finally in October, I was able to go to New York city, take the training with Sarina Jain, known as the Jane Fonda of India and creator of Masala Bhangra workout®.  I am thrilled now to be offering this program to Ellefitness participant, and the Ottawa community.

What’s in a name?

Masala which means spicy in Hindi

Bhangra which is an East Indian folk dance from the northern state of Punjab, India

Masala Bhangra Workout® is an Indian dance fitness class that combines the energy & power of Bhangra with the passion and drama of Bollywood.  This unique  continuous movement cardiovascular class is full body workout that can easily be modified for all levels of participant.  The program  can provide overall toning, body conditioning and can build endurance, stamina and balance.  The class is designed to be easy to follow, challenging (you can burn upward of 500 calories) and can be modified making it accessible to all fitness levels.  This is a dance experience allowing its participant to share in the culture while getting an amazing workout.

When is the class? Weekly Thursdays at 7:30pm for my full schedule 

 Ottawa star stopped by the Ellefitness studio to check out this new dance fitness…“All of the different moves are seamlessly built onto each other one-by-one, making it easy to follow, so after an hour session, you’ve completed a full dance routine and burned between 500 to 1000 calories”  click on the link to see the article.

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



ICOBC Holiday party was such a slow one –  it looked more like a business dinner meeting!  And then Giselle took to the floor and invited everyone to gyrate to the Bhangra beat. Within seconds she made it into mayhem! Great moves and initiative Giselle , spread the shake around!  Balle Balle!!! Jack Uppal  – Chair, Indo-Canada Ottawa Business Chamber (ICOBC)  –  September 2013
“I attended a few of Giselle’s Masala Bhangra classes.  Being of Punjabi decent I was shocked at how well she has picked up Bhangra.  I also didn’t not realize how Bhangra can be such a fun workout, it truly was a workout which I felt the next day for sure.  Giselle has an energy to her that motivates her audience and really encourages her class to give it their 100%.  I am so excited that she is now going to offer this class regularly.  Definitely a must, trust me you won’t regret it and with the cold weather approaching I know this will definitely add some cheer to my day, balay balay!” Renita Grewal –  Senior marketing Manager, N-Able Technologies – September 2013

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