“Giselle is an awesome Zumba instructor. I truly enjoy her classes and her teaching style. She knows her “stuff” and gives great instruction. Even for ‘newbies’, Giselle automatically makes everyone feel at ease.” November 16, 2009 

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

 Kathryn Schwab 10/09


I love the freedom you feel when dancing in Zumba;the pure energy of it is exhilarating.

Terry Renwick  (GRC)  11/2009


Zumba at Franco-Ouest has always been fun for me. Since it’s right at our school, it provides great exercise and fun to teens. It helps relieve stress created by schoolwork, keeps me healthy and is a great cardio exercise. While dancing Zumba, I always feel great, the music is amazing, and Giselle makes it fun for all of us.

Alexandra (student at Franco-Ouest HS) 03/01/2010


I started Zumba last fall with Giselle once a week.  I was not sure how I would like it but as soon as I heard the music I was hooked.  Giselle is a great instructor she always give you tips about how to get the most out of your workout.  Now I do Zumba twice a week and I have really noticed the results.  Try it it’s great fun.

Peggy (Ellefitness) 06/24/10


I have a compliment for you.  In my effort to incorporate an additional Zumba class I have visited 7 different Zumba places in the past two weeks just as a trial to see what’s out there.  What I can tell you…you are the best.  No one is even close to you in terms of personality, instructional skills,ect

Marina (Ellefitness) 06/15/11


Since starting with Giselle in early 2010, first in one Zumba class per week, and then within a few months usually two classes per week, my overall strength and endurance have increased markedly.  Within 2012 alone, my crawl stroke in swimming went from 25 metres (and feeling awful) to 150 metres before I felt a bit tired.  As a part time ski instructor, my annual (and required) training sessions became almost painless; my skiing performance has increased significantly to the point that the CSIA Level IV Session leaders can not believe the improvement.  Since also starting TMC and CSS with Giselle in Autumn 2012, my ski training is now completely painless, my skiing is even better, I generally feel the best I have in years.  Hauling heavy Scuba equipment, as a necessary part of another sport, while never really an onerous chore, is now done with ease.  Giselle has also suggested “workarounds” in her routines and exercises for me to accommodate the more-than-a-few damaged parts of my body; her advice has always been sound.  I can easily commend her to new clients.

Thomas (Ellefitness) 01/03/12


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