My struggle with…sugar…arghh!

It has been a tough week…like many I like to get a head start for Easter and I bought some sweets…well things went down hill from there.  I have always had a battle with sugar in all forms at times…chocolate, cake, jujubes… etc.  And I started with just a little for the first day and then the next day well it was crazy…after feeling a little out of control I need to reign things in…so I allowed myself only have  natural sugar…fruit & dry fruit but overindulged there too.  For anyone that struggles with sugar you know that feeling where you are driven by your cravings, and that sugar high is great but when you start to crash you start over again it just becomes a cycle.

This has been a life long battle  at times and what is weird sometimes it just isn’t.  Many things can trigger it like hormones, frustration, and  yeah sometimes it is an emotional response but other times it just starts because it really taste good and you get that natural high that fuels your poor nutritional decisions.

So now I just made the decision get things back on track allowing myself one piece of fruit per day for this week (really can’t cope without a banana to start the day) but I always combine that with some nut butter and seeds which help manage the sugar spike by combining it with fiber and protein.  And yeah it was ok…I have a crazy migraine and I am sure it is from sugar withdrawal  and feel crappy but today is day 1 it is 3pm and I am good.

Some of my tips to get back on track…if you tend to be sugar sensitive like me.

  • I have found that when the cravings get really bad…I need to cut sugar out cold turkey for the first couples days…it helps.  At least for the first 48-72 hours.
  • Plan your meals as when you’re not hungry you don’t usually go looking for something sweet and make poor nutritional choices.
  • Limit your fruit and when you do have it combine your fruit with fiber and protein.  Why?…because it will help you manage your blood sugar levels and help prevent those uncontrollable spikes that can result in binges.
  • Once you get things under control and decide to have a treat make sure you combine it with other food like at the end of a meal that way if you are almost full hopefully you will be satisfied with just a little piece of something.
  • When you feel a craving coming on…try some alternatives gum, herbal fruit tea, a snack as you may just be running out of fuel so your blood sugar levels are low.
  • Slow life down at first and just focus on your nutrition.  It is really easy when life is hectic to just grab stuff on the go or processed…and those aren’t necessarily the best choices to help you manage your sugar addiction.
  • Avoid artificial sugar as it is sweeter than sugar and simply fuels those desires.  If you look at obesity & diabetes with all the diet options with artificial sugar, they aren’t making a positive impact on either and both conditions in society are rising

Hope some of these tips help you if you tend to be sugar sensitive like me and feel free to share your tips and offer some suggestions to this blog.

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold




~ by ellefitness on April 2, 2013.

One Response to “My struggle with…sugar…arghh!”

  1. Thanks Giselle. Many of these I know instinctively but it was great (especially today) to read this list. I will print it and post it on my pantry cupboard (where most of the nasty sugars live in my house).

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