Spring 2017 schedule starts April 6th

click here for Rates


5:00pm  Total Muscle Conditioning at Ellefitness studio

5:30pm-6:30  Zumba fitness®  at Ellefitness studio

***starts Arpil 18th this class***


9:30am Pilates at Ellefitness studios

***starts April 12th***


9:30am TMC/Zumba fitness®/Core  Combo at Ellefitness studio

***starts April 6th but there will be no Zumba portion this week***


10:00am   Zumba GOLD® at Churchill Senior Recreational Centre register with the City of Ottawa Bar code 1074886  or Call 613-798-8927 

***starts April 7th***

Saturday (optional class for drop in)

9:30-11am Zumba®/Strength/Core at Ellefitness studios

One class and fitness is done for the w/e!!! $15

Come try a class….drop in always welcome!!!

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