Spring 2017 schedule starts April 6th

click here for Rates


5:00pm  Total Muscle Conditioning at Ellefitness studio

5:30pm-6:30  Zumba fitness®  at Ellefitness studio

***starts Arpil 18th this class***


9:30am Pilates at Ellefitness studios

***starts April 12th***


9:30am TMC/Zumba fitness®/Core  Combo at Ellefitness studio

***starts April 6th but there will be no Zumba portion this week***


10:00am   Zumba GOLD® at Churchill Senior Recreational Centre register with the City of Ottawa Bar code 1074886  or Call 613-798-8927 

***starts April 7th***

Saturday (optional class for drop in)

9:30-11am Zumba®/Strength/Core at Ellefitness studios

One class and fitness is done for the w/e!!! $15

Come try a class….drop in always welcome!!!


2 Responses to “Spring 2017 schedule starts April 6th”

  1. Do you have classes still ? Summer? Zumba or masala bhangra? Looking to drop in and then join.

    • Hi Angela

      Hope you enjoyed a great summer. Sorry for the late response…I had knee surgery in June and won’t be starting back classes till the week of September 11….check back just got my release back to activity and I am organizing my schedule
      See you in the fall

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