Why register for the How to workshop salsa, merengue, cumbia…for Zumba

So you started Zumba and your having fun dancing but

  • still aren’t sure you’re getting some of the basic dances steps(and maybe starting to get frustrated)

  • how does G get her body to move like that?

  • my bum doesn’t shake like that…how can I pop my boootie?

  • I just can’t do that Samba/Salsa/Cumbia step

  • still struggling to engage my core (stomach back and everything in between)

  • and any question you have…cause chances are you aren’t the only one….just ask…that is why I offer this workshop

People start a Zumba class for many reasons they love to dance, want to learn some basic Latin dance moves, want to exercise but have FUN while doing so, looking for something to do with friends/daughter.  And for many reason they stop….Zumba buddy stopped attending but don’t let it be because you are struggling with the movements or steps…the Workshop will help so many things click.  Some people take the workshop multiple times…as each time they get something different….and there are so many little tricks that will help you get a better workout.  Come learn them!

As Summer comes to a close its time to get back to your regular routine when is your next Zumba class?… you have worked very hard  to make the changes don’t fall off the wagon, keep at your fitness…There is nothing more frustrating than to fall out of the habit of your fitness class and then struggle to motivate yourself to coming back….just do it.  Yes you may feel a little lost in the beginning…but do remember if its been a while…. you started from scratch when you first began Zumba so you can do it again…I promise!

Dance with you soon





~ by ellefitness on May 30, 2011.

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