Clean Eating on the go

Life is and can be really fast pace where breakfast is rushed through or skipped, we often can work through lunch, or we’re getting home late or picking up a meal on the go….chances are these aren’t the healthiest or aren’t most nutritious choices.

Anyone that I have worked with, talked to me about nutrition and weight loss….or just know me can expect that I always have food in my purse, Zumba bag, car, ski jacket…  For a number of reason I dislike fast food…and would rather go hungry than go through a drive through so I carry food for those times when hunger hits and I am not at home.

  • The first thing that I found made weeks go by easier is sitting down on Sunday and making a plan what I would make for dinner Monday to Friday, then I would make sure I had all the ingredients.  That way you are getting a good variety of foods, it isn’t a mad chore on the way home to figure out what you’re going to make, and then realize you don’t have one of the key ingredients.

  • Have a plan for your leftovers.  Mine goes in lunch containers…so it is always ready for the kids.  Trick is to already portion them out cause then they won’t get eaten as a late night snack ( at any given moment there is always someone hungry in my household).  A little tip if you know something freezes well I make a double batch and put a meal in the freezer for those days when I just can’t be home to make dinner.

  • I make snacks ahead so there is a variety of snacks, cut and wrap them individually…which helps with portion size and keeping them available just to grab when making lunches or for my purse.  I usually pick a couple of hours every week to make a few things so that there is always a supply.  The worst is when I don’t keep on top of that and we get down to no snacks in the freezer and I have to stay up late making stuff.

  • Just like we made a plan for the week …organize your snack and pack your bag the night before so all you have to do is grab it off the counter or out of the fridge…chances are it will be more variety and balance snacks so that you are getting all your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.  Minimizing the times when you are hungry and nothing clean to eat.

  • Take into consideration what you have in your day…late meeting, Monday night Zumba class, sitting watching child play hockey…if you are going to be active…make sure you have a more substantial dinner or a late afternoon bigger snack…what you fuel your body with depends on what it is doing… TIP try not to go longer than 2-3 hours between eating

SNACK think along the lines of a combination of lean protein and complex carbohydrate options

  • Hummus and cut veggies (cut s0me veggies ahead for the fridge)

  • Apple or banana with nut butter or raw nuts (8-10) (I sometimes eat this on a whole wheat tortilla with cinnamon and ground flax seeds…favorite breakfast.  Love experimenting with nut butter…Mmm cashew)

  • power ball

  • protein bar

  • edemame…great when you have a craving for something salty

I know…I always prefer to make things from scratch because of the higher nutritional content, there are no hidden salt, sugar or fats, it is fresher, and when you have a family of growing boys it is more cost-effective. Finally, it is how I grew up….Meals were made from raw ingredients…and not prepackaged.  To say we will never grab prepackaged food is not a reality but I do try to make sure it doesn’t have too many unpronounceable, too much sugar, salt and fat.

Have you been reading the labels?…a common error is when things say healthy, organic…fat free we assume they are great for us.  This is not often the case.  I use broth in alot of recipes and look for lower fat and salt options…and as some of you may be aware I use some organic fruits, veggies and other products.  So I started looking at the broths and realized that most organic ones had more salt in them than Campbell’s….frustrating.

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



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