Intensity and variety are key!

Yes you will need to challenge yourself!!!

One of the misconception about cardio is INTENSITY…

  • Was I breathing heavy?  if you are challenging your cardiovascular system you should have been

  • How long? Was it continuous? ….in order to recognize activity it must be 15min+ of continuous activity

    ie shopping at the Mall Saturday afternoon can not be counted…it is not continuous we stop to take a look at this or that

    (believe it or not people have included this as cardio activity in their journal)

  • And finally…have you switch up your activity lately?….doing an interval run outside or on cardio equipment; running hills; try a new activity, cardio option ie elliptical; try a new class or sport.  Our body gets use to the same demand (run 5k every morning) so it is important to switch it up and put new demands on your body.

Many people read the newspaper or a book while doing cardio…it is really hard to gauge effort and most are not maintaining their intensity or consider the walking their dog as their cardio (Absolutely if you are chasing him around Bruce pit)… keep your workout fresh, and challenging

If you have ever taken one of my TMC classes (total muscle conditioning)….I am always preaching about challenging yourself.  If you are using 2-5lbs hand weights while you are doing lunges…chances are very high that you’re not challenging your legs WHY?

  • Well you carry your body weight around all day….and so in comparison 10lbs is such a small % of our body weight

  • We often carry your 20lbs child/dog around throughout the day or lift grocery bags…that all weight more than 10lbs.   So your body is accustomed to carrying more

  • So in a weight class always choose two sets of hand weights so you can start with the heavier one and if it is too much switch to the lighter one…but remember you can’t add weight after we have finished the exercise when you realize you haven’t challenged yourself and therefore not going to make changes in your body composition

It is important to push yourself,  while providing variety and intensity to your continuous activities.



~ by ellefitness on November 15, 2010.

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