The right footwear for your Zumba class should always include with a piece of Duct tape!!!

Zumba offers a variety of dance styles some stomping like in the Cumbia, others turning such as in the Bachata and  twisting in Salsa.  Choosing the right footwear is key to a great class.  For some the typical exercise shoe – the cross trainer or running shoe the treads tend to catch when you are twisting those hips,  can be too heavy for the Latin hip hop (reggaetone) and well dance shoes don’t tend to have enough support for the fitness aspect…what to do???

I personally have had reconstructive ACL surgery on my left knee.  I teach a number of types of classes so from time to time in quick transitions I forget to switch my shoes for Zumba….after  2-3 songs  wearing runners or cross trainers I feel my knee right .  When I have my preferred shoes for Zumba I never do.

When first trying a Zumba class…I recommend that you put a piece of duct tape under the ball of your shoes…yes I said mans other best friend…duct tape.  It will help you turn, twist, glide and slide much easier and make a class  more enjoyable…and if your class is on carpet it is a must.  Once you are hooked on Zumba….try different shoes in your class but always include a piece of duct tape  on those that have treads….the class will be easier on your knees, ankles and your hips.   Just this week, I brought out the Duct tape and some of my regulars decided to give it a try….this is not the first time I suggested the tape but it was the first time I brought the roll out in class.  Those that gave it a try were very surprised at how much easier the moves were with a little tape….try it in your next class.

Now that you are hooked on Zumba the search begins for the right Zumba shoe for you.

Things to consider

  • light weight…allows you to feel the floor and agility
  • fairly smooth very little treads…prevents catching  on the floor that can cause discomfort in the knees, ankles and hips and to the extreme injury
  • shoes that are suitable for  forward, backwards and lateral movements
  • offer good support…comfort and stability is very important for you to continue to enjoy Zumba.  Why would anyone want to have sore feet? I slip my orthotics in and I am good to go.
  • some prefer a turn circle…with my smooth sole I don’t feel it is necessary
  • Look good cause well it is important to alot of us…shoe people…lol
  • Some prefer a turn circle
  • breathable…I prefer leather
  • it should be noted that studies show that alternating between 2 or more shoes provides a longer life for the shoes themselves…allowing them enough time to rebound completely

My shoe of choice is Puma future cats they are light weight, have very little treads, I slip my orthodics in and then they provide great support, are raised on the heel and give me a little cushioning, are available in a number of different styles and colors so I can always match them to my outfit.  Girls you know that is always a consideration!!!

Ryka, Nike, Capezio, new are Bloch, Puma…and there are alot of dance fitness shoe option…try them.  Most stores will allow yo to take them home and give them a try indoors then return the ones that don’t suit…find the best ones for you, you body and your Zumba class.

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



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