Sculpt your hips and waist with Zumba!!!

Zumba is FUN, yes…. but did you know you can burn 400-600 calories in  one Zumba class?

First of all…Zumba once a week is a great start…way to go! But in order to see continual progress you need to be doing more.  Take a look at your exercise week…how many times are you working you heart, toning and stretching your muscles?  Many of the ladies that went from once a week to twice this winter are now reaping the benefits… they are losing weight but they are also noticing physical changes….they have tightened their mid section, sculpted their hips, toned their body and dropping pant sizes.


First of all they are learning the routines quicker through repetition allowing them to put more energy into the dances resulting in a better workout and more calories burned…by adding your flavor to each dance.  I love when I look around and notice people are adding a kick,  or a flick of the torso….it means they are really getting in to the music and making the dance their own.  So often people come to me and say they hear songs on the radio…it remind them of class and the joy it brings but if only they could remember the steps all this comes with practice.

They are getting two consistent workouts a week…making them feel better, seeing physical changes  and motivating them to make healthier food choices to continue towards their fitness goal.

As well, the movements are different from your typical fitness class…the swiveling of the hips and at the same time engaging your abdominal muscles that tighten your waist.  Releasing the torso and getting movements from the entire body.  As you become more comfortable with the motion(through repetition), the contraction of your abs will become second nature and more efficient.

And finally completing the movements….fully extending the arms,  using your hips to get the most motion as possible will not only add to your confidence dancing but it will increase your heart rate, tone your arms and legs and really help you get in to the rhythm be it salsa or Bollywood!

Many of you have been with me for a while and I am excited to tell you that I think it is time for us to expand some of our basic steps in the dances….are you excited?

I am lets ZUMBA!!!


~ by ellefitness on May 3, 2010.

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