Get ready for summer by dancing

There are many ways to stay/get active and fit.  But how many do you smile, laugh and have so much fun it doesn’t feel like exercise?  Dancing is a great way to work your whole body….and when we apply it to the Zumba formula …it becomes a dance based fitness class.  I make a big effort to keep closely to the dance/rhythm of music…I love music, movement to music and sharing different styles with my participants.  Yes some might find there is a little longer learning curve if they want to truly get the base of the dance but others just want to have FUN!!!  Zumba brings different things to different people….like health improvement by lowering Blood Pressure and reducing heath risks, to an activity that meets fitness needs but also gives you an opportunity to do socialize with your co-workers/ friends/ family through movement and laughter or an opportunity to dance when you don’t have a willing partner.

Now with summer here we all want to get ready for sundress/shorts/shorter skirts/tanks….Zumba  can help with that.

Starting with your heart and lungs by challenging your cardiovascular system…with the quick rhythms and then slower tempos providing interval training a great set up for efficient fat burning.  Ask yourself or give it a try…sing the songs if you feel winded but can still get the chorus out you are in the zone…if you sing the song start to finish you need to work a little harder and if you can’t sing at all bring your arms down and slow the pace a little.

Shapely legs and hips get a throughout going over starting at the calves with the footwork, sculpting the hips while winding them around and in a figure eight, working your bum by getting a little lower in the legs challenging them a little more when you popping your bootie or are doing single/single/ double.  You will also notice  a difference in your agility if you participate in activity where foot speed  or balance is a factor.

Arms can be an added bonus when  they are above your head it will push your cardiovascular system a little more, while you are pushing through the palm, applying a little tension, fully extend and contract the muscles…you might be surprised the next day when you realize how that can make a big difference in your workout.

And finally the core…for many of you this is repetition….Zumba is a great way sculpt your mid section by tightening and contacting through the movements…it will even increase your calories burned 30% by engaging the core throughout the workout.  Yep not more time and burn more calories…I am in!

Zumba is not about hitting all the moves (you know me…I don’t hit them all) it is really about movement and fun!  But remember like anything you get what you put into it! But always feel free to make it your own and FREESTYLE!!!

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



~ by ellefitness on June 11, 2012.

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