Zumba at Britannia…like a little tropical holiday!!!

The first Monday night Zumba at the beach…was so much fun.  One of the things I like most of working in the Caribbean is teaching in the open air, feeling the breeze of the water, looking towards the beach and usually ocean but I will take the Ottawa River…and maybe for a couple of hours get the feeling that I’m on a mini vacation.  The flowing palm trees are missing but if you close your eyes you can see them sway.  Now for those that are conscientious…no worries we are backed up against the building with a shelter in all reality we face to beach through the trees….in full shade and we are not in the sand.  Please come give it a try!

I got there really early cause I didn’t know how I was going to set up the space…hooked up the music system, talked to the director of  Lakeside gardens, as the tunes started to flow I started to you  know do my thing and dance around…and then this Colombian man stopped by and next thing I know we are Merengueing…yep that’s right…it was so much Fun…till I started to singing “Pegate Mas” :S (as many of you are aware…I sometimes just forget myself and start to sing…oops).   But quickly I reassured him that I was just singing the song and not asking him to get a little bit closer….which is meaning of “Pegate mas” ….lol  He joined the group for Zumba and looked to have a blast.  After the class Bruce and I sat with some of you at the Baja Burger shack for water/beer/mango daiquiri(my choice)… and some sampled the food whatever you felt like they have it and all made from scratch. Yummy!

I am going to host Monday night class at Britannia for the summer…most people that join us at the beach…really liked it but I also send out an email to get feedback and here is what some of my participants said…(note for those of you want  to add something feel free to comment at the bottom)

The location was ideal as we were exposed to a great breeze from the river, out in the open air, yet under complete shade.  Frankly, the smooth, ever-so-slightly dusty concrete surface was the best on which I’ve ever done Zumba moves, (or at least my imitation of them).  With the open air, the breeze and the reasonable humidity, it was rather reminiscent of doing Zumba in the tropics without the necessity of having to jump in the pool between songs!  And naturally, being able to grab a cold drink of one’s choice at Baja Burger right beside the Zumba pad immediately upon finishing the session is a huge plus.  Thomas W.

I loved it.  Next time though, I’ll wear my regular dance shoes – my running shoes were a little difficult and sticky on the concrete.  The space under the canopy is actually fairly private and even though people were on the beach and in the park, they carried on playing volleyball or doing their own thing.  It’s so lovely exercising outside and the beach, the blue sky and the Latin music just made me happy!  Donna T.

WOW!  What a great venue/place for Zumba at Britannia Beach.  I don’t think any of us dancers felt shy or “exposed”; it is such an intimate space.   As always Giselle is an inspiration and her moves and music are phenomenal!  Three fellows danced with us (women) and it was great fun.  Thomas and I do hope that Giselle will have her Zumba class at Britannia every Monday during the Summer.  We will be there!  Hope to see all our Zumba friends “on the Beach”! Hedy

There is really nothing like being active doing something you love outdoors…. for me that is dancing…see you at beach!
Giselle Bergeron-Raganold

~ by ellefitness on July 13, 2012.

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