January has come and gone…How about your fitness goals?

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January has come an gone…How about your New Years fitness goals? We are all more motivated at the start of a New Year, new week, new month either to make some changes or get things back on track.  So how are you doing? Go back to your plan…Was your goal honestly realistic?

If yes GREAT and meeting your short-term goal…Congratulations keep following the plan to your next  short-term goal!!!  Happy dance well done.

If you’re not meeting your goals… Why NOT???

What derails your progress?

  • Consistency in your exercise
  1. try scheduling your workout in your calendar on Sunday.  Need to move it…rebook just like a DR appointment
  2. get a workout buddy…it is a whole lot easier to  no show to the gym  when you aren’t meeting someone there….than to no show to your friend show will ask you about it
  3. post or tell people when you’re going to workout you may be surprised who will keep you accountable.
  • Intensity in your exercise
  1. Work as hard as you can… more intense for a shorter period is better than doing 2 back to back classes at a lower intensity…challenge yourself.
  2. If you have been inactive for a while be realistic if you hit the gym 5 days in a row you are going to hurt…2-3 days spread over the week to get you back to your regular schedule
  3. Balance doing lots of cardio/weights add a yoga or a stretch class.


  1. start tracking include portion sizes
  2. Rid your house of processed food…get back to clean eating
  3. allow yourself a reward meal or some call it a cheat meal and look forward to it but be reasonable you don’t want p derail all your good work of the week


Here is your second chance…we just celebrated Chinese New Year!!! So start again!!!

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



My journey into Arbonne

•May 21, 2013 • 1 Comment

I needed a new face system….and as you know I am always looking for healthier more natural products.  I had tried Arbonne Re9 Anti Aging in the past a fitness friend had given me a sample and it was good but I wasn’t done with the products that I was using so I left it at that…until more recently a Zumba participant offered a silent auction item for the 2013 BFF Breast cancer action fundraiser.  And while she was here she drop off a gold bag…filled with the Re9 anti aging skin care products for the daily regime the same quantity that you would receive that would last 6-8 months…wow.  So I gave it a try.

Re9 Anti-aging Advanced set is an anti-aging comprehensive skin care regimen for a youthful appearance coming with 6 products Smoothing facial cleanser, Regenerating Toner, Intensive renewal serum, corrective eye creme, a daytime moisturizer with SPF 20 and a night repair creme.  A synergy of 9 major age defying elements and botanicals create a powerful system of products clinically shown to start working within 24 hours.  Our breakthrough approach pairs targeted topical treatment with age defying supplement to accelerate the results twice as fast”.

Claims within 24 hours firmer skin…I have noticed my skin smoother and had better tone.

Claims within 4 weeks many have noticed a reduction in appearance of wrinkles and fine lines; refinement in skin texture and smoothness and improvement of skin moisturization.  I have been using Re9 for about 3 weeks and  I have noticed a reduction in fine lines and definitely my skin is my smoother, pores seem smaller and loving how my face feels.

For a very long time I have been after my husband Bruce to take better care of his skin so I though I could put the products on his face and give him a relaxing facial massage.  It is a win win…he has noticed within a couple of days his eyes are less puffy and his skin is feeling smoother.  I have also noticed his face is smoother and as a bonus he is sleeping better after the massage.

I was so impressed with the products that I decided this was something I could share with those around me….I am now an Arbonne Consultant….yeah!!! So this weekend I took the Re9 system on our camping trip and put the products on my sister in-laws, mother in law and gave them a facial massage.  It was definitely a positive response and hope they will soon put their comments on their first experience with Arbonne Re9.  Contact me and I will give you an intro to the Re9 product with application and leave them with you to try for a couple days.

I have decided I am going to work my way through the various products and weekly give them a personal review.  Stay tuned!!!

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



How are things coming along? Taking stock…

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Asked yourself these 3 questions?
  1. Are you meeting your weight or fitness goals?
  • Yes….Congrats have you now amended your plan?
  • No…why not?
  1. Are you tracking your nutrition,water and exercise?
  • Yes…what stands out?
  • No…had you been?  If yes, were you seeing results?
  1. Are planning out your nutrition and exercise?
  • Are you achieving your plan?
  • No…Is it realistic/personally doable?
  • Yes…Good job keep it up.

So… there is no straight forward answer for everyone as any one of your situation is different. I have set up a couple options to help my clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Are you taking advantage of them?

  1. Weight conscious group Wednesday at 9am or Thursday evenings at 7pm with weekly weigh ins, and monthly measuring.
  2. Entering a log on myfitnesspal.com which I spot check and give recommendations.
  3. All inclusive pass to help them adhere to regular exercise routine.   This has been very successful for some this year….well done
  4. One on One training is something that is necessary for others, a number of my clients do a combo of personal training once a week and attend my classes to balance out their needs, personalize their tarining….maybe something to consider.

Feel free to contact me about  your challenges, personal training or maybe a Fitness assessment to give you a snap shot at where you are at strength,flexibility cardiovascular, health and fitness today.

Get active now so you can stay active through life.

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold