GMO labels on food…I want to know

So last week I started the weekly chat about fruit and vegetable codes…what the numbers mean?  I would like to share my opinion on one of these sub groups…five digits starting with 8 is suppose to indicate GMO Genetically Modified Organisms.   People views on GMO products vary…I would like to single out one of my concerns and hopefully create a forum to share your opinion……

What we know…

GMO is engineered in the laboratories which create unstable combination plants, animals, bacteria genes that do not occur in nature

Some nations don’t believe productions or sale of GMO products are safe and are being significant restricted and/or banned in 60 countries (Japan, countries in European Union)

In 2014, I participated in a study letting Minister of Health Canada know what I wanted to see on labels. Even with majority of people interested in GMO labeling it was not mentioned in the final report.

Unfortunately not all GMO products are labeled in CANADA!!!  I believe they should be as I do not want to consume GMO products which we can re-visit at an later blog

  • I think we should have the right to choose and the fact that most GMO products are not labeled in North America is taking that choice away from us.
  • over 70% of processed food has GMO components and this is another reason I minimize the processed food consumed and reinforces my efforts to eat a clean diet.
  • FOOD FOR THOUGHT…there are some companies that re-label their products to be sold in countries that require the labeling….I have added David Suzuki’s blog


~ by ellefitness on April 19, 2016.

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