Fall health challenge

So for my family we are trying a new health challenge for September…start the day with 2 cups of water with lemon then we have 1/2 or 3/4 of a cup of green smoothie.
We all have our personal breakfast afterwards…. I have with my second breakfast 3/4 cup greek/blueberries/cinnamon/QIA (a combo of chia/buckwheat/hemp seeds)
Followed by a 1/2-3/4 of a cup of green smoothie. NOTE on an empty stomach for best absorption!!!
Why have a green smoothie as part of your nutrition and on an empty stomach?
  1. you absorb nutrients faster and more efficiently
  2. energizes you **definitely feeling this benefit**
  3. boosts your metabolism
  4. it can act as a detox if you need a cleanse
  5. it is great for your skin you will surely notice this!
  6. can help with weight loss
  7. assist in removing toxins from the body….and so much more
Now I vary these green smoothies so we get variety in nutrients, taste and I like to try new things.  I really don’t measure ingredients….but maybe that can be a goal week next week so I can give you actual recipes instead of just combinations.
Spinach/banana/mango with water
Spinach/banana/pineapple with water
Kale/strawberries/banana/mango/mint (I added celery I don’t like celery but I didn’t mind it, my boy Josh was not a fan and he likes celery) with water
Kale Chard mixed/cantaloupe/mango with water
kale Chard mixed/cantaloupe/banana/mango with coconut water
My hand blender does the trick but ordered the Vitamix then you can throw seeds and all.  FYI on sale at Costco online delivered straight to the house…love that.
On my journey to  a better me, healthier nutrition for my family and new options for my clients and friends to try.  Join us and let me know what your feeling noticing along the way.
Giselle Bergeron-Raganold
Zumba Giselle find me on Facebook
613-596-3183  FYI still no cel phone 😦 so call me at home

~ by ellefitness on September 5, 2014.

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