January has come and gone…How about your fitness goals?

January has come an gone…How about your New Years fitness goals? We are all more motivated at the start of a New Year, new week, new month either to make some changes or get things back on track.  So how are you doing? Go back to your plan…Was your goal honestly realistic?

If yes GREAT and meeting your short-term goal…Congratulations keep following the plan to your next  short-term goal!!!  Happy dance well done.

If you’re not meeting your goals… Why NOT???

What derails your progress?

  • Consistency in your exercise
  1. try scheduling your workout in your calendar on Sunday.  Need to move it…rebook just like a DR appointment
  2. get a workout buddy…it is a whole lot easier to  no show to the gym  when you aren’t meeting someone there….than to no show to your friend show will ask you about it
  3. post or tell people when you’re going to workout you may be surprised who will keep you accountable.
  • Intensity in your exercise
  1. Work as hard as you can… more intense for a shorter period is better than doing 2 back to back classes at a lower intensity…challenge yourself.
  2. If you have been inactive for a while be realistic if you hit the gym 5 days in a row you are going to hurt…2-3 days spread over the week to get you back to your regular schedule
  3. Balance doing lots of cardio/weights add a yoga or a stretch class.


  1. start tracking include portion sizes
  2. Rid your house of processed food…get back to clean eating
  3. allow yourself a reward meal or some call it a cheat meal and look forward to it but be reasonable you don’t want p derail all your good work of the week


Here is your second chance…we just celebrated Chinese New Year!!! So start again!!!

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold




~ by ellefitness on February 3, 2014.

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