How are things coming along? Taking stock…

Asked yourself these 3 questions?
  1. Are you meeting your weight or fitness goals?
  • Yes….Congrats have you now amended your plan?
  • No…why not?
  1. Are you tracking your nutrition,water and exercise?
  • Yes…what stands out?
  • No…had you been?  If yes, were you seeing results?
  1. Are planning out your nutrition and exercise?
  • Are you achieving your plan?
  • No…Is it realistic/personally doable?
  • Yes…Good job keep it up.

So… there is no straight forward answer for everyone as any one of your situation is different. I have set up a couple options to help my clients achieve their health and fitness goals. Are you taking advantage of them?

  1. Weight conscious group Wednesday at 9am or Thursday evenings at 7pm with weekly weigh ins, and monthly measuring.
  2. Entering a log on which I spot check and give recommendations.
  3. All inclusive pass to help them adhere to regular exercise routine.   This has been very successful for some this year….well done
  4. One on One training is something that is necessary for others, a number of my clients do a combo of personal training once a week and attend my classes to balance out their needs, personalize their tarining….maybe something to consider.

Feel free to contact me about  your challenges, personal training or maybe a Fitness assessment to give you a snap shot at where you are at strength,flexibility cardiovascular, health and fitness today.

Get active now so you can stay active through life.

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



~ by ellefitness on April 8, 2013.

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