The plan…is the key

If you read my blogs I am big on the plan….when you take a look at your weeks workouts make sure you are getting cardio, resistance & strength (weights, aqua, power yoga), Core and stretching (Core strength and stretch, Yoga,Pilates),

It is not uncommon to have people start a New exercise regime and then get injured or get overwhelmed or frustrated

  • loving class doing as many as possible probably not getting enough YIN
  • then get frustrated cause all their free time seems to be going to exercise and then you can get some regrets.
  1. plan your days
  2. don’t over commit (do your classes and if something comes up, plan to get a w/o in at home or rebook to on another day)
  3. get workout balance… enough stretch or quiet exercise cause really the 5 min stretch at the end of the class is not enough to balance several days of big workout.   You don’t want to get so tight that you are always sore or  you bend over and pull something (often in your back) resulting in set backs.
  4. Plan to exercise with friends…it is always nice to have a little social mixed in  and it will keep you real about attending if you aren’t committing enough.

Food planned not to the day cause that is too much but know I want to have chicken/veggies, turkey/brown rice, ham/cabbage/cauliflower mash, shrimp /quinoa and fish or porc stirfry.

  1. I know I have the items in the house so I am not stuck the day I start to make it.
  2. I am getting a variety of proteins, grains, and veggies
  3. And it is not OMG I got nothing thawed  and make a poor choice

Note I always cook extra protein so that I have quick options for lunch and have cubed turkey , porc or chicken in portion in the freezer for those days you run out of time  and store extra casserole portions in the freezer

Be prepared and see the results you want and if you’re not getting them….lets talk

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold




~ by ellefitness on March 11, 2013.

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