Loosing weight is not easy and you have to want it enough to make…

Weight loss does involve sacrifices…a cookie/latte every day when you want to lose weight is still a treat and treats everyday is definitely going to slow or halt your weight loss.  As we talked about last month you need to set realistic goals, have a plan to work toward meeting them and for many tracking their nutrition, water  and exercise is one of those tool to help facilitate success.

Some of you have taken advantage of the http://www.myfitnesspal.com program and this has made evaluating  your daily/weekly intake easier….for you and me(if you give me access to view  Note this is a service that you would pay a personal trainer to evaluate).   At the end of the day you will notice imbalances, where you struggle ie sugar, fat, sodium, fiber…and if you are recording throughout the day you will notice as you approach your limitations.

Common complaint….I eat healthy but I’m still not loosing weight!  consider these

  • portion sizes – too much of something healthy or not is still too much

  • nutrition balances eating lots of fruit is great but they are still sugars and most eat too much sugar!!!

  • eating whole grain carbohydrates – healthy, but think about these as fuel ….what are you doing after dinner? do you really need to carb up if you are going to curl up to a good book or are you going out snow shooing?

  • vegetables vegetables vegetables… so many don’t take advantages or get enough of these nutrient dense, filling options.    (like veggies and hummus, incl a salad or a bowl of soup before the main meal…their filling, can be very tasty and low in calories)

  • fiber are you getting enough? many benefits to keeping you regular, helps manage appetite and  many other (will blog about fiber this winter)

  • some mistake thirsty for feeling hungry….are you drinking enough water?  try having a glass of water before you sit down to your meal

  • take a look at what you are drinking….there are alot of empty calories in liquids as well as salt, preservatives,  sugar, artificial flavouring and so many things that most of us can’t pronounce….do you really want them in your body?  I did warn you I get preachy about natural foods


  1. Eat for energy.

  2. Try 5 small meals as oppose to 3 main meals.

  3. always carry a snack in with you

  4. drink lots of water try a glass before each meal

  5. add extra vegetables throughout the day

  6. And if you make some poor choices….don’t get down on yourself start again with the next meal

Now I do feel it is important to reward yourself for all the progress and healthy choices you made so yes I believe in a cheat meal…..more on this next week

Have a good one!

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold




~ by ellefitness on February 20, 2013.

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