Do you need to be fit to take a fitness class?

As many of you are aware I have been busy on the business side of Ellefitness these last few weeks…September is the time to get back to school and back to fitness.   So while out delivering flyers…I came across a man and we sparked up a conversation about Ellefitness.  He asked a lot of questions about me and the training and classes we provide which is not unusual but then he asked how open I am to training someone who is terribly out of shape and overweight.  Which sort of stopped me in my tracks…and got me to thinking

Is there a misconception with some that one needs to be fit before taking a fitness class?  Fitness is about good health and physical conditioning and classes or training is what you use to achieve these levels of fitness.  By all means there are classes that are more challenging than others and in some case levels but this is generally stated in the description (or have prerequisites like Belly dancing intermediate you would need to take beginners first).  Everybody has to start somewhere but it is important to remember that things don’t change overnight it is gradual so be realistic with your goals and expectations

Ellefitness offers Zumba GOLD for beginners and older adults but the nice thing about Zumba is you can always work at your own pace and if something isn’t working you know my  mantra just FREESTYLE.  And if you ever get a chance  go to the back of the room someday and just watch those in front of you…lots of people at different points will freestyle…please enjoy the music and just keep moving.  It is also important to know your limits but remember if you are not challenging yourself you will not see the results you are hoping to achieve.  You do want to be breathing heavy and  you do want to feel as though you have worked out (sweating, jelly legs and arms…)

In TMC, you challenge yourself by the weights you choose and options given.  My recommendation is always have two sets of weights a high and low…so that you can start off with a heavier and then if needed drop to a lower midway when needed.  You also have levels or options you choose in class.  For Example, push ups  wall push ups, push ups starting on your knees, to full military push ups…all progressions of each other.  Again keep in mind most of us are training for life…so if you carry around a purse/back pack/dog or child that weighs more that the hand weights you are choosing maybe you should be changing to heavier ones.  If you get to the end of that exercise and you could do many more that is a sign you haven’t chosen the appropriate weight.

FYI  I will offer a true Beginners Zumba GOLD this fall on Mondays and if you are interested contact me.   I also offer a workshop for those that want to start working out harder and get as much as they can from each and every class…How to the basics steps to Zumba will give you the basic steps to the various rhythms.

Ellefitness offers training and classes to help you meet your fitness goals… be consistent in your efforts, keep your goals realistic and success will be yours.

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold




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