Zumba 2012 Convention…postmortem

Really no one throws an event quite like Zumba…and I have to say there were amazing presenters, performers, sessions, people at the Convention every year but this year more so it was for the attendees.

This year I kicked off the convention with Bollywood…and I am hoping to bring you more from this style of dance over the next couple months. The little hand and foot flics and positions are fun. So look for the return of some other oldies…Mira Bien. The energy is always crazy but I got a feel l like there were more first timers at 2012 and felt the organization was unlike any other year.  The Zumbathon was an unbelievable experience.  7000+ registered instructors plus guest presenters…etc brought the total to about 10000 yep all in the same room…you can see the pictures of the thousands of people together to support Breast Cancer Party in Pink!!!  Image

It was so great to meet up with Zumba friends from around the world… new and old.  The Peabody hotel was hopping turning their usually quiet lounge into a the hot spot for the convention…dancing salsa & bachata, line up, filled VIP sections w lil’ Jon, Vanilla Ice, Mara…we had so much fun discovered a few new drinks watermelon/mint mojito and cucumber dill martini.  Enjoyed these every night.

I am working on the new program I took Zumba Sentao which combines the energy of the dance with a chair that accompanies you as a dance/fitness partner.  Look for Free mini Sentao sessions that I will be offering in the up and coming weeks (picture dance meets bootcamp).   I may have mentioned this but late one night we headed down to the hot tub and who do we come across but these two guys singing acapella in the hot tub…little did I know it was the artists that sing Zina Morena and Zumba He Zumba Ha. What an experience and then to see them live on the stage opening for the incredible Daddy Yankee…who sings a number of songs you have enjoyed in class.

Daddy Yankee 2012

Soldat who sings Zumba He Zumba Ha!

Luis Guisao shoe performs on Zina Morena

Favorite session was a master class in Afro house…looking forward to awakening and freeing some of your basic African roots this fall.  Refreshed my Columbian rhythms with Ottawa’s very own ZES Jaime Farfan.  And then come the theme ight “Dancing through the ages”.  You came across Tina Turner, and some Motown favorite, Kiss, MJ, flappers and lady Gaga…Deadmau5,some LFMAO boys/girls in the house…you name em it we came across them…

Cher is in the house with her roomies Katrina and Keila

Pussycat dolls always in trouble…lol!

A little Motown…

A little KISS..












Carribean heat kicked off my final day of sessions…and it was smokin’ hoping to simplify some of the smooth moves and hit some with you real soon.  What an amazing group!  and finished off with a little Salasa/Merengue mash-up…cause you know I love my latin.

Always looking for new fresh spins on the rhythms that we all love…lovin’ the summer but looking forward to seeing all of you back in class soon!

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold




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