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Such a  fun w/e!  As some of you may be aware I attended a Zumba  master class in Montreal on Friday…the first international Master class offered by Tanya Beardly and Gina Grant (two of the faces of Zumba and incredibly inspiring ladies).  It was incredible and what was more amazing is to be able to share with my husband Bruce.

So we arrive….and there is already tons of cars, Zumba people being directed and coming from all over.  I enter this fabulous recreational facility…the turf smells so good …ok  I use to play alot of soccer and I guess I still have a love affair with indoor turf….lol.  All I can think of is I want to get up close enough to be able to see…I felt like a child anticipating Christmas morning all week but nothing like when this…I can barely contain it.  I fill in the form, give my ticket and yeah I get another Zumba bracelet….Gina and Tanya Rock the stage Tour.  The gym is huge and Zumba people wearing Zumbawear everywhere…as walk in I see a girl I know from Gatineau and within minutes meet up with some Zumba instructors from Ottawa/Gatineau…the energy in the room is ready to boil over we are all dancing to the music as we anticipate the arrival of  G&T.  Lots of homegrown talent are in attendance…some jammers/instructors/ZES I have met over the years, Ottawa’s specialist Jaime and his wife …so fun to catch up as we all are there to share in the this amazing opportunity. these ladies are the  best!

Sort of like find Waldo…but find G

The show starts and then it is just moving, dancing and screaming…and so much sweating.  Merengue Pegate Mas just can’t seem to get it out of my head.  What a great workout and a great way to energize me for the summer….I have some new ideas/songs to bring you in the coming weeks.  Hope someday if they come to Ottawa I will be able to share it with all of you!








LEt’s Zumba!!!

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



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