Bonus with consistency in Zumba class

Last week during a Zumba class one of my participants that at times can sporadic in their attendance made a comment “this is so much easier when I attend regularly“.

Yes…Zumba is and feels so much easier when the steps feel more natural and this come from repetition. It take 300-500 repetition for your muscles to learn a move, exercise,  step and for some that seems like a lot.  But let’s think about it  a specific step forward or side break like in Salsa.…in the Salsa Dura song we do a forward or side break 48 times so if you are doing Zumba twice or 3 times a week within 2-3 weeks you will have done over 300 repetition  And for this reason I keep some songs in the playlist for a 6-8 weeks specifically the songs that have many repetitions to the base steps.  It should be noted most classes have more than one Salsa song…so in reality you are doing more than 48 repetition during a class.

Now that the step are becoming familiar one is no longer teaching the body how to do them and can focus on adding their own flair/style/fun or possibly putting more energy into it to increase your workout resulting in getting a better workout and burning more calories.  When you are not worried about how to…you can just have FUN.

For some learning the steps as we go along works just fine while for others they may need a little more or want to have the basics from the get go.  That is where the workshop fits in….How to workshop..learn the basic steps for Merengue, Salsa,Samba, Reggaetone….Tango and many more for Zumba. Some take this workshop several times as they feel they learn a little more each time.  For those who have never tried it, it is not a Class it is specifically a learning workshop we will do some of the steps  to music as a learning tool but you will not get a cardiovascular workout as we stop and start alot….and the more questions the better.  And please remember if there is a step that just isn’t working ask Me or Ashley and we can go over it with you or do a breakdown at the beginning of class….if you need it I am sure someone in the class is wondering about it too.  NEXT HOW To Workshop is May 8th

Consistency is the key in whatever you are doing.  Have a great week….looking forward to it dancing with you

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



~ by ellefitness on April 30, 2012.

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