Getting the results you want…Exercise and Nutrition are both important factors….

So many people get frustrated when explaining that they are exercising but still not getting the results they want…the first thing I ask is what nutritional changes have they made and then suggest keeping a LOG

now after a week take a look…PART ONE Nutrition/ Daily diet/  intake what ever you like to call it

  1. Balanced meals (Carb, Protien,…)
  2. variety of of colors (fruits and vegetables)
  3. times between meals/snacks (should never be longer than 3hrs)
  4. Portion sizes (did you indicate S in you palm, M one hand, L two hands together)
  5. how much water are you drinking (will help flush things out of your body)
  6. are you increasing fiber in your diet
  7. are you taking into consideration your needs…if you are exercising in the evening you will need more than if you are sitting watching the tube or reading a book

PART 2 Exercise/ activity/ output

  1. Are you getting the weekly recommended (click on link) amount of activity of 150 min per week of moderate to vigorous? New stats indicate 17% of men and 14% of women are achieving standards recommended for health benefits
  2. Determining   Moderate  40 – 60% of your Maximum Recommended Heart Rate –  Vigorous activity 60-85%.

    220-Age= MHR   ;   MHR x recommended % = RHR


    Use the talk test

    Can carry on a conversation/sing the chorus of a song you are not in the zone

    Winded but can still answer a question with gasps …yep you are there

    can’t answer you are working too hard

  3. Consistency…plan and spread out your w/o every  week

These two things ,Exercise and Diet, go hand in hand towards helping you meet your goals exercise and diet!!!

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



~ by ellefitness on April 16, 2012.

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