Road trip…finding alternative nutritious options

I had such a great road trip with My Nanny….we got to see my cousin Jillian play her last home hockey games for SUNY Oswego (NY state University), visit the Oswego Lakers locker room, watch how they raise their jerseys of their Senior players when they are ending their journey and have a special ceremony….(wow  American University teams are really taken well care of)…quite the experience.  Some quality time with her family and my Nan.

Now one of the most obvious things was OMG they eat bad…I can’t say I saw many healthy options….the restaurants either were fast food options(everyone you can imagine), All you can eat buffets (and lots of these) and even the tea room was filled with large portions, high fat, sugar and salt refined items.  Oswego is a small town population of about 17ooo.  Now the prices were really good but the selection for healthy option really lacking or non-existent.  Finding whole grains anything was a challenge, when I look at the menu and you are choosing the least unhealthy thing that says something, it was nice to hear my cousins boyfriend( Canadian) say …amazing they can take the healthiest thing and make it so bad for you”.  The Zucchini were deep-fried in a really thick batter and probably double battered, fried and never drained…I squeezed one in a napkin and oil squirted out….ewww

So what to do if you find yourself in this situation…if it’s a  couple days it isn’t the end of the world…but here are some options  Go to the grocery store and pick up

some veggies, hummus and cheese

some fruit and Greek yogurt

maybe some shrimp

maybe some whole grain snacks as you know others will be offering chips,and it is really nice to have alternatives ,it also help you curb the temptation…and your on a little holiday

or knowing you will be limited bring a lunch, some of your preferred snacks…and presto not such a nutrition lacking w/e

Healthy Nutrition or clean eating like I try to keep my family on…is never going to be 100% that is just frankly unrealistic as we live in the real world but giving yourself option will definitely help you keep a better balance and have feeling better throughout your weekend get away.  At home I try for 75/25 split with my children  and I think for them that is a whole lot better than a lot of others.  And in the long run I hope they will make these choices for themselves….I can already tell you…they make an attempt to cook clean meals when they are cooking for the family ( I am not saying if prepared food was available on the fly and they needed something they wouldn’t eat it…but they are trying)

To healthy eating you will be the one who reaps the benefits!!!

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



~ by ellefitness on February 6, 2012.

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