Back to reality….I missed you guys!

The week leading up to Dec 17th was busy and hectic but well worth it.  As many of you are aware I headed to the Dominican Republic….I left with 20 of my family members to Punta Cana.  The plan was share 2 glorious weeks at Ocean Sand and Blue having downtime with my family and then spend an extra week teaching Zumba for 2 resorts.  After a few days of Sun, I started getting restless so I decided to approach the fitness/entertainment staff  about offering a few Zumba classes.  Well believe it or not they had no idea what Zumba was ???  I know I couldn’t believe it either…so I was directed to the Entertainment manager and although he was interested he said he couldn’t pay me…I told him I was just looking to share my class with those that were there.  It turned out that I taught Zumba at 5pm everyday from that day on right beside the pool bar so some days I had as many cheering from the water/pool bar…and they loved it staff and guest alike.   I got to meet some other instructors who were on vacation that took my class but the best of all I introduced some newbies to ZUMBA and  now some of them are at home looking up Zumba classes to participate others were staff looking into getting their license.  Often I had someone say to me…. “I have been watching your class all week but  I just had to try it before I go home” I was blessed with a true following ranging from 3 to 50,60,70 much much older as my Nanny 90 years old would come and watch my class everyday.   “Rain over me” became a resort favorite….a couple nights in the disco when the song came on the entire bar was doing my choreography….an incredible experience.  I met a bunch of people from Ottawa and they may be joining us in class in the  near future.  The energy, people the experience was unreal….I do hope to get back to the H10 Ocean Sand and Blue…big thanks to so many that made my trip special Jesus, Alexander,…and DJs.

Off to teach at Secrets Royal beach and Now Larimar.  The Now resort upon arriving is gorgeous…the rooms weren’t as nice as the previous place but every place is different. Teaching at Now was done pool side but the space was tight but lots of people joined as it was so visible…they had trouble hooking up my mic so I had to do without which was unfortunate as I had laryngitis so what better time to brush up on my visual cuing.  IT was a great class but must say teaching at 10 :30am in the sun is much more demanding than 5pm. OMG I looked I had just step out of a shower after teaching. At 4:30pm I taught at Secrets a beautiful resort, I taught in the sand a totally new experience in itself….definitely a much smaller crowd but as the week progressed so did the class size and energy.  Again many Zumba virgins but not for long…as they too were going to find a class at home.  Thanks to Isaiah & Henry and Akon (I got to dance a true Bachata with all the flavor…incredible), Blondie and Winnie (the dancing queens)….hope to come back again some day.

Zumba in the Dominican was an incredible experience….maybe one day you will join me in the Caribbean and we’ll do Zumba everyday under sun as we look out at the water.  It was great but I missed all of you and can’t wait to see you all soon.

January 2012

January 2012





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