No more Excuses….part 1

The excuses are limitless for why your nutrition, health and fitness routines are not being maintained and  you’re not meeting your goals.  We have talked about consistency being an important factor but your decisions are also a key to attaining your desired level of fitness, weight, strength… Way too often people lose that 10lbs only to use excuses  when it creep back on…break the cycle.  Here are some alternatives to consider

Holidays (Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years…the list goes on depending on your culture, religion or traditions) are  often centered around food but the reality is you are making the choice of what and how much to put on your plate and into your mouth.  Just because the food that is provided is not as low-fat or as low sugar as you are accustomed is no excuse for taking large servings size…and jeopardizing all your hard work you put in the last month.


  1. Yes taste the latkes, tortiere, gravy on your meat or pumpkin pie…but do it within reason…have a small serving or a taste but don’t overindulged or extend these indulgences over 3 or 4 days.
  2. If it is a pot luck bring a healthy alternative…that way giving you an alternative but also exposing family and friends to healthier choice that still taste good but are much better for you
  3. Add a hike or walk to see the beautiful foliage in the fall, or go skiing/skating with family after the big lunch celebration



  1. Make healthier choices when you are choosing meals or restaurants.
  2. Plan a physical/adventurous vacation  a camping with great hiking/canoeing  or plan ways in your vacation for exercise (yes maybe not at the same intensity your use to but some exercise is better than no exercise)  Go for a morning walk on the beach, a hike in the jungle, rent bikes and go for ride to discover the country side, dance the night away (and those extra calories) or even book a walking tour or download some before you go…we did this in Playa del Carmen and discovered little hidden places that we may have not seen. OR even go online to put the address of your vacation and it will give you all the classes 5 miles radius
  3. In restaurants ask the waiter
  • to have salad dressing on the side
  • ask that your chicken/fish be baked or poached and if there is a sauce ask for it on the side or not at all;
  • ask that veggies not be seasoned with extra butter or oils
  • want desert share it, have just a taste or leave some on the plate
  • And finally just cause it is on your plate doesn’t mean you have to eat it….your mother won’t make you sit there till every last morsel is gone….lol

 The excuses pile up… away for the w/e with friends/ it was Thanksgiving/went on vacation….But if you think about it…you are making your conscious choice of what you are going to do, consume and how much.  Make the healthier choice  and break the cycle NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold




~ by ellefitness on October 19, 2011.

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