Zumba fitness is not dance class

Zumba fitness is a dance inspired fitness class…..and not a dance class.  There has been a debate that I have recently been faced with…. some participants would like me to stop and teach the steps for each song.  The reason this is not doable within the class format is because it disrupts the flow and drop your heart rate reducing the effectiveness of your fitness workout.

It would take a fair bit of time to teach a class all the various rhythms with their basic steps that we use in Zumba.  But as many of  you are aware I offer a workshop to help people learn the basics.   Do you need to do the “How to workshop Salsa Merengue, Cumbia and Reggaetonen …the basic steps for Zumba” to take a Zumba fitness class?   Absolutely not but for those who are new to Zumba without any familiarity with social dances or struggling with some of the basic steps it definitely helps offering an atmosphere to ask questions while we are going over the dance style or they will pick them up gradually. The workshop appeals to some participant for a variety of reasons

  • cause they are curious about the dances & want to learn more
  • to execute the steps more accurately
  • as well to those who want to get the most out of their Zumba fitness workout

I do try my best to keep true to the style be it Salsa, Samba or Tango by doing research and taking a variety of workshops on the various styles.  I love dance and for this reason I go to great effort to offer a large variety of styles and steps that are true to the individual rhythms.   It is so rewarding as an instructor when I hear someone enjoyed the rhythm I introduced to them through Zumba that they want to further their knowledge of a particular dance or they have lost inches in their waist or fit into their favorite jeans that they hadn’t been able to wear.  Zumba appeals to many for a variety of reasons but nothing make me laugh so much as the woman that said “I don’t like Zumba I am terrible at it…but I work so hard and sweat so much I just have to keep coming back to you “.

I have had people ask if some of the Zumba routine can be transferred to a partner or used in a club…what makes Zumba so appealing is you don’t need a partner which is especially great for those who love to dance but don’t have a dance partner or a willing partner.  Yes you can take some of the basic steps out but can you go out to a salsa club and dance like a pro probably not.

Fitness and dance are two of my passions….I was so blessed when I discovered  Zumba an avenue for my creativity, my love of dance and music that I could merge with fitness background but also it gave me an opportunity to introduce many that normally didn’t venture into a fitness facility, or who dislike exercise (shhhh….Zumba is exercise in disguise). or those that are athletic and say “I can’t really do that I have 2 left feet but give it a try”

Thank you for dancing with me

Live love laugh and Zumba!!!

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold




~ by ellefitness on October 3, 2011.

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