Support is a key to weigh-loss success

Support  is one of the key elements to achieving weight-loss and maintaining it.   Many of you see me as your  fit trainer/ Zumba/fitness instructor/ nutrition consultant and friend but some of you may or may not be aware that I have an ongoing challenge with my weight.  It started when I moved out of my parents home and went off to school….I gained weight at university and then for many years my weight yo-yoed.  Then again after childbirth, I really struggled  for many years to get back to my pre-baby body.   For many years it was about that number on the scale but things shifted for me was when I was more focused on health and fitness…it  was still a challenges but finally I started to make some real changes in my life with the help of a work out buddy and then with a fitness club.  Some succeed with the one on one support of a trainer, nutritionist or a friend (that you call when you’re struggling)  they can help set up an individual plan and others seek and do better with organized group support like Weight watchers, group forum or Weight conscious get together (group of similar minded Ellefitness participants).  Your support individual or groups based will help you with

  •  Accountability –  a great tool is a journal to record your daily food  intake, water, and exercise

  •  Encouragement – when things aren’t going as easy and help you keep going

  •  Celebration – smile  and cheer when you get into that favorite pair of pants that you haven’t been  able to  wear or go shopping with you to get smaller clothes

  •  Sounding Board – listen to you about challenges and successes

  •  Advice – ideas to try, suggestion of meal…when things aren’t moving forward and just tips

  • “Kick in the Pants” and at some point we will all need this whether you are skipping your workout or turning to old defeating habits or a reality check.

Last week was the first gathering of a group of Ellefitness participants who all want to lose weight, eat healthier, get fitter and maintain weight loss success.   Some have been to weight watchers, others were looking for something to help…and  together they decided to meet, have weekly weigh-ins, talk about things that hamper/support their efforts in meeting their individual goals.  It seemed like the best option to gather at 9am before the Wednesday morning 9:30am TMC class since most attend.   Chris led the discussions about Dr Oz’s 10 commandments; how to survive the holidays/outings; keeping it off; 5 main rules for shopping and portion sizes and discussion erupted on their success/challenges on the various topics.  Weight conscious get  together is open to those anyone who want to join…totally  FREE support  group.

Weigh-ins are done privately…just you and the scale.  Giselle provides you with a chart to keep a record.   AND as always everything is optional.

This week Giselle will give you tips about how to measure your chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves and arms accurately and give you guidance on how to keep those measure consistent from one recording to another and Chris will lead discussions through more helpful topics.

Remember you will have a greater chance of successful weightloss with a strong, supportive network.

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



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