Where have you been?

As another season approaches, (yes, in the fitness industry we start all over again like school in September)…revamping programs and getting client/participants back into their routine.  No you aren’t the only one that wasn’t consistent with exercising…for many different reasons it happens to everyone at some point.  So don’t wait! The only way to make a change is to just start back….it doesn’t matter that you are going to be out of breath ( cause you know in no time you will be back at the level you were…why cause you have already done it before).  Your body knows how….even though those first couple times were killers.  I can say I am feeling the same way the last couple weeks I have only been teaching my reduced schedule…do to an injury that is just lagging…So join me let’s get back on track together.

Did you know Jennifer Lopez’ favorite workouts is Zumba  http://www.shape.com/lifestyle/entertainment-and-celebrities/jennifer-lopezs-favorite-workouts

Live, love, dance,





~ by ellefitness on August 15, 2011.

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