Convention post mortem Zumbathon 2011 a massive fitness concert

Dancing with my Zumba family OF 6000+

The Zumbathon at The Convention 2011…the day started a little slower for me than one of my roommates  CJ….she got up early headed down to stand in line for the Zumbathon between 6 and 7am.  And you can imagine the line up…everyone wants an opportunity to be as close as possible to see the performance.  We got all glamed up and ready cause you never know where the camera will be…dressed in your favorite NEW Zumba outfit, hair and makeup done….now to get there so we can find CJ before they open the flood gates to the Zumba instructors.  These events typically start late so inline but waiting( schedule 9am actual 10:15ish).  Cameras go up and down the  line….as we cheer for our country(Zumba is represented in 126 countries)…chant Beto’s name (Zumba creator) ; get the wave going, excited but frustrated that we are still in line (it started over an hour late).  Finally the line moves and we head in….believe me it is crazy….I was fortunate enough to be in the 5th row on one of the stage angles….now we wait more…take pictures with friends, be silly, everyone is trying to keep space so they can dance when the Fitness concert starts….meet new friends as we know at some point we will whack each other with swinging arms, hair while circling our head, stomp of each other’s feet while jumping…the energy is just intoxicating!!!  Also very entertained by the people trying to jump line and get closer shot down by some of the  craziest…too funny.

Now there is a playlist and choreo for the show…it has been playing on our tv for the last 2 days…some of you remember some you just make up as you go along.  And Action!!!….they start creating rows…from stage to back….and 100s of drummer walk in and make their way through the crowd (this was a distraction so they could get Beto, Pitbull, Wyclef and dancer’s in) but the volume raises, beach balls are flying and the music is blaring and it starts…. Beto and dancers come up out of the center of the huge angular stage.  WOW!!!! Many of the rhythms were showcased Cumbia, Salsa, African, Asian…then the song/choreo we told to learn “Pause” with Pitbull (do it tonight in class).  And then Wyclef Jean comes up through the middle (Wyclef played with Akon at Bluesfest a  few years…one of my favorite concerts ever) and again 6000+ perform choreo to his song (coming to your class as soon as I get the music).  Finally I can go to the bathroom….I just didn’t want to miss anything but especially Wyclef….both he and Pitbull gave a little taste of what their concert was going to be like…in up coming nights (Fri Pitbull/ Sat Wyclef). And a few more songs are done with the Zumba family and then light come up and Zumbathon is over but the convention keep going.

I have attached a link of the Zumbathon a quick 2min video check it out…it will give you a great idea of what the atmosphere was like…I have brought all kind of ideas, energy and moves…which in the next couple weeks I will be sharing with you!  Now let the Zumba challenge begin!!!




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