Maintaining exercise routine in the summer

Like the festive season…summer can also pose obstacles/difficulties in maintaining your exercise routine.

  • Who wants to be indoors when it is gorgeous outside .  So choose outdoor activities you enjoy…instead of hitting the  gym go for a bike ride/blade/power walk*** on the parkway or the many Ottawa paths or even Zumba at the Britannia beach followed by some time to catch up with your Zumba peeps.
  • Some find the weather too hot to exercise so choose an air conditioned environment like the Ellefitness studio or to exercise early in the morning before the temperature peaks.  Some will wait till the end of the day but make sure you don’t just procrastinate and then not get your exercise accomplished!!!
  • Find yourself away alot…have your workout modified and bring tubing to maintain your resistance training or have a program designed using mainly body weight.

Remember to take a look at and plan your schedule on Sunday or Monday….schedule your weekly exercise when it works  when it doesn’t modify when things come up but book it in your schedule/PDA otherwise the week goes by and so does your routine and the progress that you have worked so hard to achieve.  Also take time to consult the weekly forecast not that it is always right but it should be considered in your plan.

Be certain to hydrate well throughout the day to prevent symptoms of dehydration.  Many turn to sports drinks to help them get through their workout….most of these are very high in sugar causing energy spikes so dilute them with water if they are necessary.  If you exercise outdoors…visit a local sports store and purchase hydration belt if you are going to be running/hiking/power walking outdoors or possibly Zumba in the park.

Where sunscreen/a hat /lip balm and clothing that will wick moisture away keeping you more comfortable while exercising.

***Finally be certain to challenge yourself….should you choose activities outdoors monitor your intensity…there are so many things to look at or neighbors to stop and talk to….all this will  your workout effectiveness.  Many clients tell me they walk and yes they do but not at a pace that could be considered exercise…you should become breathless, it should be a challenge to get up that hill…if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask…I here to help you meet your goals

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



~ by ellefitness on June 13, 2011.

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