Tips to help you Stick to your Exercise routine…helps keep you motivated and get you the results

Many things can slow down your progress or even derail your goals….but is it a goal on paper or do you really want to meet your targets be it weight loss,  better strength and endurance, flexibility, reduce your cholesterol or just fitting into that special outfit!  Here are a few tips

Timing….the best time is first thing in the morning for a couple of reasons

  1. lack of time (nothing has gotten in the way yet)

  2. lack of energy (we haven’t used it all up)

Fact…the odds are better for those that exercise first thing in the morning have more consistent fitness routines.  But mornings workouts doesn’t work for everyone and if your schedule isn’t working and your canceling or missing your workouts change your time so that it is more compatible with your regular routine.

When you have things to accomplish many create a to do list daily and then scratch things off as you do them.  Are you on that daily list?  You are the most important factor in your life if you are at your best, happy, rested, healthy….this will impact everything you do and all those that you come in contact with and affect their life.

Revise your goals make sure they are realistic and keep them fresh…if you are new to exercise add 2-3 workouts into you week….don’t try do daily 90 min workouts  it tends to overwhelm and often leads to people stopping all together.  If you have been exercising for a while freshen it up you should be mixing up your weight routines every 6-8 weeks….maybe it is time to give you a little push.  Personal trainers aren’t for everyone (cost, time…) but I have a number of clients that come see me a couple of time a year and have me build new programs and then they go off and work at it.

Have fun…if you have never been someone who enjoyed exercise…find FUN options like Zumba or a sport that you love to do…but remember just like just like nutritional intake there are somethings that are necessary that you just have to do….like stretching, weight training (or Total Muscle Conditioning classes) and Core work….keep it all in balance.

There are so many physical options….things that you enjoy (dancing, hockey…) or build your workout around something you enjoy (do it with friends)…..I often watch a favorite show while I am doing cardio on an elliptical; I know someone who would play guitar while walking on incline on the treadmill…not something I recommend but got him doing some cardio.




~ by ellefitness on April 18, 2011.

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