Motivation-reality check

It is all about keeping it real…time for the reality check!!!

Motivation 1 blog…keeping track with an exercise journal

(we talked about keeping a journal to track your intake (food and liquids), your output exercise and activities…as well at the back you wrote in your weight with date and measurements chest, waist, hip arms and legs).

Motivation 2…buddy system.

Now it is check in point

  • Remeasure(date) and compare

  • Weigh-in, mark it in the book with date and compare

  • Have you been honest with yourself…when writing down in your journal?

  • Success Yes or No….and the most important question WHY?

  • Buddy system…are you compatible, are you motivating each other?  Did you make the  right choice or maybe…it time to find someone that will push, that will call you out if you are being lazy

Are you booking appointments with yourself and keeping them…or does it simply takes someone calling  you up and your canceling  your workout for  dinner & movies, going out…. YOU NEED TO ASK yourself do you really want to lose weight, bring down your blood pressure/cholesterol, improve your fitness level… or what ever your goal.

  • commitment are you making your workouts as scheduled in your day timer/blackberry?

  • if you have to cancel are you immediately rescheduling in another workout?

  • are you working at the appropriate intensity…giving it your all or just doing it?

Remember  nutrition, exercise  have to go hand in hand if you want to meet your goals.  But you also have to want it and want it eanough to make it important that you don’t easily cancel for any reason

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



~ by ellefitness on March 28, 2011.

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