Motivation part 2…Buddy system

Exercise isn’t always a passion for some people…but is a necessity for most. Everyone has those friends that are always talking about becoming more active, losing weight or trying new things….well here is your chance bring them to class with you.  It is a great motivating tool when we do activities with others…it creates a buddy system.  But it also helps a close circle of friends to become more active by having active friends….it just seems to rub off on them.

If consistency is a problem….Often just getting yourself to the gym or getting going can be the biggest battle…but if you are meeting someone there it will really give you that last push to get out the door. IF we are skipping a workout it is much easier to let down the gym than letting down the friend/family member/workout buddy who would be waiting there for you.   I have two participants in one of my classes…they met at Zumba and eventually started car pooling.  The result was they were attending more classes together than on there own.  TIP I find at the beginning of the the week, if you write your workouts/classes in your daytimer…consistency will be a little better especially when you have a buddy who keeps you accountable.

Encouraging and FUNExercise can be a battle but if you have someone to encourage you through those times when your not as positive, feeling lazy…whatever the excuse a buddy can help you.  Through exercise you can be making new friends which you met at a Zumba class.  There is someone to laugh with that is going through similar challenges as you are….someone to whine to when dragging your #$%, to push you to work a little harder too, boast about your new bicep definition and compare the physical changes you are seeing in your waistband.  It is always nice to have someone to share with.  It is funny how you notice the dynamic of those in a class.  A couple years ago I started teaching Zumba classes…and more often this year I notice…participants that only  met at the class ask about another who has been absent or the joy you hear from others when a participant that has been away come back for the first time.  The friendships that  build around a common goal….fitness class….but so often carry through other aspects of life.

Whether your workout buddy is one person or a group, a friend or family member….you will enjoy your exercise a little more when you have someone to share it with, get encouragement and be kept accountable with a buddy.


~ by ellefitness on March 7, 2011.

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