Holidays and exercise

As the festive season approaches,  it is real easy to skip your workout in  exchange for holiday preparation, parties and Christmas shopping.  But it is  more important than ever to keep your fitness appointment as it will help you manage the added stress throughout this time, also help you maintain the energy you require to get all those extras done and finally, help you control your weight.    With the full schedule of parties and gatherings with a buffet of rich treats and all those meals on the run, try to keep a balance.  You have worked hard to get to your fitness level and even if you can’t make all your regular routine…consider alternatives.

Normally do an hour of cardio pare it down to 20-30min…you will still get some benefits

Usually do three Zumba classes a week…go to two…maintaining your routine and having some fun. (think of how you feel after a class…most tell me they are in  such a great mood and energized)

Can’t get to the gym…go for a walk, run…dance on your own….there are  always options if it is important to you

Can’t make do your strength training…take the stairs …remember to tighten your bum every step up.

Out of town…find a local class or ask your host if you could attend her class or would like to  find one and go try  Zumba.  When I do host holiday classes, I regularly  get the opportunity to meet family members of some of  my participants and they get to share one of their passions…ZUMBA.

TIPS for managing your weight during the holiday season.

NEVER go to a party on an empty stomach.  Always have a small meal beforehand to avoid being tempted to over indulge.

MAKING CHOICES..while at the party choose something to indulge in that is special to this time of the year.  You can have chips any old time…so stick to festive choices and enjoy it.

ALCOHOL…Drinks can add a ton of empty calories…alternate with a glass of water and stay away from sugary fruity drinks.  Note Eggnog can add up to 350 calories for a cup plus the  alcohol…so if you love eggnog look for lower fat options.  Speaking to someone who enjoys eggnog I  look for alternatives…and some of the lower fat options are really good.  I drink it slowly with lots of ice…to  savor every last drop.

DON’T SKIP MEALS.  Many commonly think they will restrict their intake throughout the day, as they will be attending  a party.  Worst thing for you…one by the time the  party hits  you will  be ravenous and will probably overindulge, there is higher chance you will make choices that you would normally not go for and finally, it will slow your metabolic rate. Pack healthy snack in your purse for those times when you’re not home…like 8-10 almonds, some dry fruit, or homemade protein bar.




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