Benefits of training with weights

Lets start by discounting the common Myth  “Women will get big muscles by lifting weights

Women don’t have high enough levels of testosterone to build bulky muscle mass easily and there is a specific training system when attempting to build mass (high weights low reps ex 2-6 reps near your  maximum weight )…but by working with weights on your own or doing a class women can improve the tone & definition of their muscles.

Muscles accounts for a third of the average women’s body  and after the age of 30 the body loses lean muscle mass and bone density… Women who use cardiovascular exercises alone decrease their bone mass but  by including weights training (minimum twice per week) they will  help reverse this process by building bone density and maintaining lean muscle mass and therefore reducing their risk of osteoporosis and  arthritis.

Weights loss can be as simple as energy in vs energy out.  How many calories you have consumed vs  the calories  you have burned.  By incorporating weight training into your fitness schedule, you will boost your metabolism and have more lean muscle mass which therefore burns more calories while doing daily activities.

Build Strength to make life easier by becoming stronger so that all activities such as  lugging the vacuum up and down the stairs, moving  furniture, picking up children or picking  up groceries, are easily accomplished.  Strength training  builds strength not only in the muscles and joints but also tendons and ligaments minimizing your risks of injury.  And improves your abilities in athletic performance activities…whether it is preparing you for ski season with your family or competing in your sport of choice (soccer, hockey, curling, running…)

Targets your trouble zones… reduce their midsection or target their hips…unlike cardio we can design specific programs with weights that put more emphasis on training these troublesome areas.

General Health benefits It is proven that weight training helps to improve ratio of good and bad cholesterol , helps manage blood pressure, reduces the  risk of diabetes, Weight training has so many more benefits than I  have discussed….improving posture, creating a balanced tone in the body making you feel more confident and better about yourself.  When are you starting weight training? Try a TMC class or set up some personal training  and start today




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