Consistency  when you are trying to achieve a goal is one of the most important things….whether  you are trying to  run 5k, lose weight, improve your general fitness or, create balance with adequate rest.   Improvement and change happens when you plan and do things often….but how to build consistency?


  • workout buddy it is more difficult not to show up when you have someone waiting for you or counting on you.

  • true friend that someone who will tell you to get off your behind and get to the gym if you want to lose weight or will shoot down your excuse to skip

  • have a realistic plan…your exercise needs to be doable…creating a schedule that you will work with your daily…and not burn you out after 2 crazy weeks

Weight loss

  • avoid intense hunger eat small meals every 3 hrs, carry nutritious snacks ( ~100 cal) to get you to that next meal

  • drink lots of water it will flush all the toxins out of your body that you are releasing from your fat cells and it will give  you  a false sense of being full

  • make diet choices that are lifestyle changes that aren’t temporary and help meet and  maintain your healthy weight…switch to whole grains, lower sugar options, foods which  have minimal preservatives

To be successful you need to have a continuous effort…so being a weekend warrior and being crazy active on Sat and Sunday and then doing nothing for  5 days is actually more detrimental than no exercising at all…for the simple reason that the strain that it puts on your body especially as we age.  It also increases your chance of injury.  I have a woman at Algonquin that came to me and said…I can only stay for 30 min of your class as I only have 40min for lunch…I hope that is ok as I figure if I  do 30 min every it  better than not at all….and I totally agree.  CONSISTENCY!

A more gradual approach is the best bet…the reason that most people join a gym but stop going after the  first month is often because they have note created a gradual transition….by going to hard too fast…and possibly setting themselves up for injury or didn’t balance their workout.  A man at the Y came to me one day and said I  don’t know what it is I  started at the gym 3 weeks ago, I come everyday and I am so sore!!!  BALANCE is also important…so you need to give your body some rest and if you are exerting your body you need to stretch, do yoga to balance the demands you are putting on your body  from strength  training and cardio.

Don’t beat yourself up…

  • cause you missed a workout or two ( and not two weeks or you will be starting over) look at your day timer and reschedule if you can…make you as important as any other appointment

  • had an afternoon of weakness and dug in to the chocolate stash or caved & went for poutine at lunch… don’t be defeated enjoy your indulgence then get back to it and make your next food choice healthy

  • your results are not exactly on plan….focus on the progress you have made thus far and be proud of what you have accomplished and keep at it

  • had  a terrible workout no intensityit happens but you stayed active, and maintaining the forward motion to keeping you consistent to your plan

  • skipped your strength training or yoga this week and did something fun Zumba…you still got a workout in GOOD for you; you didn’t bail on your workout but get back to your plan to maintain a healthy balance so you can achieve your GOAL

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions




~ by ellefitness on December 1, 2010.

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