What a week….thanks to all of you that danced with me…it was off the chain…lol

Well the morning started out with me continuing on the series of blogs on ways to improve your health and fitness (weight loss, toning, shaping hips & thighs or better endurance) through your workouts….Consistency…which will come later in the week.  Not focused,  too excited from last week and just wanted to start working on new choreography for songs…salsa and cumbia coming to ya!

Last week… was amazing…..record attendance for this fall on Monday and Wednesday evening classes in Ottawa,  energy flowing out of the room and the  welcome back of a few regulars that clearly have been missed… this is the way I remember the classes last season….tons of people & energy, laughing & dancing and  few hollahs!!! and an incredible workout.   My Zumba Gold classes have been doing equally as well this fall… Monday at 2:30pm and Thursday 1:30pm, perfect for the beginner or older adult….keep it coming people.

A reminder if you have a song that you really liked in a previous playlist and wished we would do it again…send me a message.  This is your class and your feedback is always welcome.

I made a couple new snack recipes….a new favorite Almond cookies.  These have no flour in them therefore they are a little fragile and not ones I can put in the lunches of rambunctious boy but oh so good…as usual Josh “since they can’t go in the lunches can we eat as many as we want“?  Bottomless pit he is.  I also made a no bake granola bars (which I made a mistake) so they are now breakfast granola cereal that we have been adding almond,  or regular milk.  And Brad said mistake or not don’t change this it is soooo good!  I have real tough critics at home….lol.  I may include this with the fitness blog coming later in the week on consistency.

We all have stuff going on in our life….”so we might as well dance“…heard this last week and loved it.




~ by ellefitness on November 22, 2010.

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