Best way to get and stay motivated set yourself out a plan!

Everyone knows I am a big fan of the journal….whether it be electronic or a hard cover book you keep with you….Write it down…Back page.. Date, Goal, time frame, plan

Now your plan doesn’t have to be complicated…start by writing down your reason for exercising.

1- What is your Goal

ie  weight loss, strength gain, toning, healthier, learn to run,

It is important to break it down into small achievable goals…short term goals that support your main goal  Keep it realistic!

ie Drop 4 dress sizes in the next 4 weeks…NOT REALISTIC!  Longterm Weight loss 20lbs; Short term – loses 1- 2lbs a week definitely doable.

ie Hit the gym 3 days per week and take a walk after dinner on off days

2-What changes are you going to make to accomplish this Goal?

Doing Cardio 3x per week, weights 2x and stretching every time after I workout.  Never going longer than 3 hours without eating

NOTE keep snacks in your bag…so you always have healthy options when hunger hits.  Drinking a glass of water before every meal…to help consume that extra water.

3- Specifics….What you are going to do, when and how long.

Most of us use a daytimer of some form…committing to yourself is key….  Why is  it that exercise is the one of the first things skipped when life get busy? So plan your week and organize your schedule, insert your workout like appointments in that schedule and keep your appointments

ie So book your cardio ( Zumba class at Monday night 6pm St Stephen’s) and guess what you got a cardio in and some stretching.

ie 20-30 walk with Bruce Thursday 6:30pm  A workout buddy can really help you stay on track…especially on those days when you don’t feel like exercising.

IF you absolutely have to cancel a session…do what you do with all other appointments ….reschedule find another option and book it right away

Some people need reminders so take a look at your daily schedule the night before….be organized pack your bag(clothes,shoes water bottle), make a protein shake for after the workout, pack a lunch and/or some healthy snacks that will support your efforts.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions…and have a great week!



~ by ellefitness on November 8, 2010.

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