Have you lost and gained the same 5-10lbs…a couple times?

I am regularly asked “Why am I not losing weight I am exercising(somewhat) on the schedule you (me as their trainer) set out?”

There are three major factors that influence body composition nutrition (your intake), exercise ( your output) and genetics (body type).  They all go hand in hand.

The first thing I recommend to my new clients is get themselves a journal…to record everything starting with food and water with times and amounts (small, medium, large servings for food and cups for water) and finally adding their output on a daily basis.  Why because it makes it real…if you neglect to write something down the only one your cheating is yourself…and then you should ask yourself the question why didn’t I write down? (why am I not losing weight?) It also helpful for me as the trainer to evaluate the nutrition…some of things I often note is that people go way too long without food, that their intake is not nutritionally balanced (fruit and vegetables/dairy/protein/ grains), and sometimes inappropriate serving sizes.  Also you can tract the exercise, amount and intensity and track water intake daily.

Why should you not go longer that 3-4 hrs without food?  Because your body needs fuel, and we really want to prevent letting yourself get to that starvation point WE have all been there where we would put absolutely anything in our mouth and eat so quickly to fill the hunger that we’re not paying attention to how much or how fast we are consuming. And finally to maintain a regular metabolic rate…again affected by three key components nutrition, hydration and exercise

I am a believer in a substantial breakfast (after sleeping all night the body is starving); never going more than 3-4 hours without eating,   ***NEVER skip meals*** and having snacks….especially before bed….I know your thinking WHAT???.  Choosing the right snacks helps maintain your metabolic rate, provides fuel while you sleep and prevents being famished in the morning.  I recommend 8-10 almonds before bed and a glass of water…or a 1/3 cup of ricotta cheese, part of a low carb protein shake…many option but it should be noted my suggestion all have protein in some form and followed by a glass of water….Just food for thought!

Never underestimate the importance of water…to be discussed next week.


~ by ellefitness on October 27, 2010.

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