Started to get back to exercise…now lets break it down

So you’re getting back to your routine…going to exercise the recommended minimum 30 min a day (moderate to vigorous)  4 times a week according the Canada’s Physical Activity Guide How did you do this week?

I went for a hike with family and friends on the Luskville trails (Gatineau) on Sunday…it was a steep climb but gorgeous views and a great way to get exercise and spend quality time.

Gorgeous day

Now you need to break it down into ( remember these choices are based on your level of fitness…always challenge yourself)

Endurance 4-7 days a week – continuous activity dancing, running , biking, swimming, water aerobics…

Flexibility –  4-7 days a week -gentle reaching, bending and  stretching to relax muscles T’ai Chi, yoga, stretching exercises, light lyrical dance…

Strength – 2-4 days a week -activity using resistance to strengthen muscles & bones and improving posture Heavy yard work (raking carrying leaves), abdominals, climbing stairs at work, weight/strength training…

OMG I know your thinking all that…but if you go for a 30 min walk and then raked the leaves and did some leg stretches after you just hit all three

It doesn’t mean you have to be hitting the gym or weights every day…it just means you need to be active.

Nutrition goes hand in hand with your exercise…it is not a coincidence that you eat  better when you are exercising regularly…so make healthy choices, try new fruit & vegetables

This summer I tried Root cherries…different but yummy and realized I had them before as they are often added to entree for decoration

Now some of you  know I have been making real efforts to Clean Eating and I tried a new recipe they are Cinnamon Chocolate chip protein bars.  I like them alot but find you may enjoy them with milk  or warm tea.  Did you try the power balls?   Let me know what you thought


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~ by ellefitness on October 4, 2010.

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