Getting back to routine

It is back to school, routine, activities for many as the Summer comes to a close. We enjoyed a fabulous summer but did you notice your exercise routine slipped by the waist side…you decided to take some time off and next thing you know it is Fall.   Tips to help you get excited about getting back to exercise, activity and your goal of being healthy.

Keep it fresh,try something new!!! There are so many options for staying active find a new one…find things you love to do like dance or play pick up hockey and incorporate them into your weekly schedule.  A new sport, a new activity like Zumba…this will bring a new environment, new people and can assist you in regaining the energy towards getting and staying healthy.  If you always workout alone try getting a workout buddy or an activity like a dance class together…that will definitely get you back to a routine as you will motivate each other to get active.

Change your program (see a trainer and get a program fine tuned just for you).  Often people get bored with their workout because they don’t switch it up often enough or at all.  The body get bored as easily as the mind…did you know you should be changing your program every 6-8 weeks in order to continue to see results?  Have plateaued?  The body needs to continue to be challenged in order to keep seeing results so change how your do weights…instead of doing weights on your own switch up one of them and try a Total muscle conditioning class once a week.  How long have you been doing the same crunches or stretches at the end of your work?  Switch it up take a class or workshop and get some new ideas to add to your workout.

Change your routine If you normally run on a treadmill take it outside while Ottawa’s fall weather allows it and run along the parkway.  If you already run outside try finding a new route so your not always running by the same house, people…ect.  Shake up your days if you do Cardio on M/W/F try T/TH/SAT.

It is always about keeping it fresh and new!  Get yourself back to fitness and you will be surprised how easy it is to stay on track after a few weeks.

Giselle Bergeron-Raganold



~ by ellefitness on September 27, 2010.

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