I’m back from Zumba 2010…WOW!

The Zumba convention 2010 at the Marriott World Center was an incredible experience…OMG so much energy, dancing, ZIN members from around the world and all celebrating the love of ZUMBA!!! I hope to add the official video for the 2010 convention to my website as soon as it becomes available.  For anyone who hasn’t seen 2009 video; the clip is on my website..look close as you should see me a couple of times.

I have so many ideas floating around in my head and I can’t wait to share them with you.  My goal for this convention was to bring back some ideas and combos from the African workshop…well it was even better than last year and I have a couple of songs to share with you.  The organic steps and freedom of the movement…is so liberating.

I had hoped to bring back some more Bollywood/Bhangra inspired moves from the Masala Bhangra workshop….I am going to try and do one better and bring Sarina Jain who has been tagged the Jane Fonda of India and is the creator of Masala Bhangra to Ottawa in the New Year.  She will come and teach a master class…I do hope many will join us…the energy, and experience is enhanced by the dynamic personality that she shares with all her participants.  Everyone I have talk to is “wowed” by her class.  While she is here, she will be offering an instructor training program which I will be taking and hope to offer you Masala Bhangra workout in the near future.

Next Monday September 13th, we start back at the St Stephen’s Anglican church ….remember start time is 6pm and if you are bringing a friend come 10min early so they can fill out the liability form before we erupt into dance.   I am working on some great new songs and look forward to seeing some old faces and sharing my Zumba with you.

Live love dance Zumba!!!


~ by ellefitness on September 7, 2010.

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