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Reminder the NEXT  How to Salsa, Merengue, Samba and more…Zumba basic steps workshop September 14th 6pm at Ellefitness studio.

I had the pleasure of teaching  Friday morning Zumba class at GRC in Stittsville the last two weeks…What a great group of ladies.  And I mentioned some of my past posting on Footwear and getting more from your class the links are as follows.  I will be back teaching at the GRC Tuesdays noon and 1pm on September 14th…hope to dance with you soon.

Footwear for Zumba

Sculpting your waist and hips with Zumba

Getting more from your class by extending your arms fully and adding your style to the dance, bending your knees and getting power from your legs and making a bigger chachacha will all help you achieve a better workout.  The average Zumba class burns between 400-600 calories…so make your movements bigger!!!

I will see everyone for my first class  back from the convention on Wednesday September 1 at the Ellefitness studio at 6pm note the time change ***

Remember to check the schedule…lots of changes being made…with my classes in Ottawa, a possible new class in Kanata (keep your fingers crossed) and in Nepean at Algonquin college

Zumba, ZUMBAAA!!!


~ by ellefitness on August 23, 2010.

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