Have you missed too many workouts lately or Is your clothes starting to feel a little snug?

With summer here,  there are so many things that rank ahead of your workout but you’re also starting to notice everything is feeling a little tight.   Be realistic and set yourself the goal of maintenance…but keep active.  You require at least 2 workout per week to maintain your current level of fitness.  Whether it be your regular gym workout/class or rollerblading/biking on the amazing paths that work their way through our fabulous city or with the hot sunny days why not make your way to some of the city deep water pools and cool down as you swim laps.   Whatever you choose will help you maintain the fitness level you worked all year to achieve.

Special how to Salsa/Cumbia/Samba…workshop

Many of you have expressed interest in a session where I breakdown the basic step that I use for the various rhythms///ie machete in the Cumbia or the lazy leg.   This session will help you get more from your regular class.  Tuesday evening August 3rd at 6pm I will be offering a How to workshop…we will need 6 people to run the session it will be held at the Ellefitness gym.  Please send me a message at g.ellefitness@gmail.com or leave me a comment on my website www.ellefitness.com if you are interested before Tuesday.   Cost  you can use your Zumba card or $10 for the session.

NEXT How to workshop September 14th 6pm at Ellefitness

There will be no class on the  Holiday Monday!   Have a wonderful on weekend.


~ by ellefitness on July 28, 2010.

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